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Puzzle Ramen Nose Work Toy


Product Descripton

The snuffle dog ramen toy contain  the noodles with 6 pieces of vegetable topping pockets and the ramen cup container with embroidered graphics.  You have lots of ways of sniffing training such like hide treats in the cup or roll up with  noodles.   For higher level sniffing training, you could hide snacks intake topping pockets.   Even the lid could be closed with the velcro.  You can adjust the snuffle level by hiding treats in different area.

 Dogs can be satisfied while they finding treats by sniffing, this interactive game will help them relieve stress and increase its sense of accomplishment.

Product Detail

- Size: 4.3’’ x 3.1’’x 5’’

- Material: Noodles - 100% cotton, Cup - Lyle fabric

- Caution: Supervise your dog during play. Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn.

Return & Replacement Policy

- Full refund available for damaged toys within 7 days of purchase.

- Damaged toys are eligible for replacement within 30 days of purchase.

- Full refund is available for unused toys within 100 days of purchase.